Tracking leash Convenience
Tracking leash Convenience

Tracking leash Convenience

Ár 10.400 Ft Kedvezmény

Greater demands are placed on a tracking leash than a leash that is 'only' used for dog walking. The CONVENIENCE tracking leash was specially developed for hunting and dog sports such as mantrailing. The leash is available in two different lengths that give your dog plenty of space when working or training but mean that you can still be in control.  The CONVENIENCE tracking leash has no hand loop and so is ideal for tracking work and mantrailing. What's more, the special shape of the leash helps to prevent it from becoming tangled or stuck on bushes and other obstacles. The material that the CONVENIENCE tracking leash is made from also plays an important role. The innovative blend of plastics is durable and smooth, meaning that it rarely snags and does not pick up a lot of bits, making it very easy to clean. Dirt can be easily washed off.

  • made of robust plastic material
  • especially suitable for use in hunting and dog sports/li>
  • without hand loop
  • water repellent
  • easy care